I take art requests! Just drop me a message if you want me to draw you something. c': --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------My forms of art making; Sketch Club for the iPad, good 'ol pencil and paper, pencil crayon, and paint. I dabble in other things as well, but for art request purposes, we'll stick to what I have listed.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I won't draw anything too.. "mature". The most I'll draw is boobs and lotsa thighs.. I'm a ton better at drawing women than I am at drawing men. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I would prefer to draw in a cartoon style, but if there is a specific style you would like it drawn, let me know and I'll tell you if I can or not.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------And, last but not least; depending on what you want drawn, I may ask if I can change certain things in order to be able to draw it to the best of my abilities. And, in extreme cases, I might refuse to draw altogether. Remember; you're getting this drawing for free, so the end result all depends on the amount of free time I have away from work and other life things. As well as how much I already have on my plate at the time.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thank you~!


Model; kxhara on deviantart.

The drawing was done with a mechanical pencil. The painting was done with mechanical pencil, charcoal, and watercolour paint.
The painting was a commission from my work. :’3

(Source: shikanime.deviantart.com)

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